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Ensure reliable, secure and robust communications for power, oil & gas and water utilities

OT/IT convergence, industrial IoT backhaul and cyber-secure operational WAN with RAD’s Service Assured Networking solutions

Solutions for

Power Icon Power Utility

Oil Icon Oil & Gas Utility

Water icon Water Utility


White Papers

  • A Comparison of Carrier Ethernet and MPLS for Critical Infrastructure Operational Networks
  • Power Utilities Substation WAN Market Survey
  • The Future of Power Grids
  • RAD Check Point Robust Cyber Security for Power Utilities
  • Smart Grid and Cyber Defense Solutions for TSOs
  • Cyber Security Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Traffic Duplication
  • Meeting the Challenge of Radio Interference in License-Exempt Bands, in NLOS and non-clear LOS conditions
  • Carrier-Grade Ethernet for Power Utilities
  • Ethernet vs. MPLS-TP
  • Securing SLAs over Point-to-Multipoint Wireless Networks
  • Teleprotection over Packet


  • TDM Mux Replacement for Power Utilities
  • Distribution Automation and Smart Meter Backhaul
  • Power Utilities Migration Solutions
  • Carrier Ethernet vs. MPLS in Power Utility Communications
  • Carrier-Grade Ethernet for Power Utilities
  • Teleprotection over Packet

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