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Boosting White Box Performance

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White boxes as uCPEs are general purpose and low-cost. However, they lack some carrier-grade, specialized functions and interface options that cannot be virtualized; in addition, more expensive white box models are required for compute-intensive functionalities. Pluggable physical network functions (P-PNFs) with the required physical interfaces, programmable hardware capabilities, and specialized components can help close these gaps for SDN and NFV-based services.

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    Boosting White Box Performance - Inroduction


    This white paper explores how P-PNFs can:


    • Upgrade any white box, switch and router with much needed missing, functionalities

    • Used on an “as needed” basis

    • Provide service consistency?across multiple vendor white box platforms

    • Eliminate the cost and operational complexity of standalone appliance deployments (e.g.,?space, power and cabling)?

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