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Ruggedized SCADA-Aware Gateway

北京赛车pk10计划群 The compact SecFlow-1 is a ruggedized multiservice gateway, featuring built-in security mechanisms designed for applications controlling mission-critical operations.

Cyber Shield by RAD
Cyber-Secure SCADA Gateway

SecFlow-1 is ideal?for industrial IoT backhaul, enabling fast, secure and economical deployment of new IoT?sites. Allowing secure connectivity over wireless or fiber networks – either public (e.g., cellular) or private, it connects all types of industrial devices, including RTUs, smart meter?aggregation devices, IoT base stations or concentrators, CCTV cameras, point of sale devices, Wi-Fi base stations, and more.?SecFlow-1 is also used for operational WANs, providing reliable and secure Layer 2 and Layer 3 communications for power utilities, water and gas utilities, public safety and homeland security agencies, as well as intelligent transportation operators.

Key Take-Aways


networking for critical infrastructure?


multiservice support minimizes network elements?

Cyber security

suite boosts NERC CIP compliance levels?


to meet industrial-grade requirements


deployed worldwide

Cyber Shield for Critical Infrastructure
Substation security gateway isolates industrial control systems (ICS)/automation devices from attack vectors on management and SCADA planes
Distribution Automation and Smart Meter Backhaul
Secure networking for secondary substations, metering and automation network integration.

Tips from experts

Cyber Shield Demo

All-in-one substation security gateway protects against internal and external attacks 


Data Sheet

  • SecFlow-1 Data Sheet


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