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Next-Generation Multiservice Access Node

北京赛车pk10计划群 RAD’s Megaplex-4 is a carrier-class, high capacity multiservice access concentrator for delivering legacy and next-generation services over PDH/SDH/SONET, or over packet switched transport networks (PSN).



MEF CE 2.0
Cyber Shield by RAD
Virtualization by RAD
Ideal core/edge solution for migration to packet

The Megaplex-4’s ability to handle a broad range of Ethernet, data and voice services, as well as a large variety of network technologies, in a single compact managed node, makes it an ideal solution for carriers and service providers. The device also provides a perfect fit for large enterprises, utilities and transportation companies who require an efficient way to transport and provision multiple legacy and next-generation services over their high capacity pipes. Megaplex-4 can be used as a central aggregation unit for TDM and Ethernet CPEs that are connected over various access link technologies, e.g., HSDSL and SDH/SONET.

The Megaplex-4 is available with a cable management solution to reduce storage space and handling, and eliminate cable waste.

Key Take-Aways


migration to next-gen networks with Ethernet & TDM in a single device?


multiservice support maximizes flexibility


Ethernet ensures service quality and lowers OpEx with SLA validation and performance monitoring


service uptime and resiliency for mission-critical applications with multiple redundancy protocols


software appliances – the easiest way to introduce new services and applications on existing platforms


solution, deployed worldwide

Hybrid TDM and Ethernet Access
Use same CPEs and aggregation equipment over DSL, fiber, E1/T1, wireless, or Carrier Ethernet
Multiservice Operational Network for Power Utilities
Powerful cross-generation TDM and Ethernet capabilities for analog and digital data and voice devices, as well as Ethernet IEDs.
Ruggedized Substation LAN for Power Utilities
Support Ethernet-based IEC 61850 substation communications for mission-critical automation traffic within the substation and between SCADA control centers.
Distance and Differential Protection Communications
Deliver distance trip commands and differential Teleprotection over TDM or IP networks.
Multiservice Operational Network for Oil & Gas Utilities
Deliver analog and digital data, voice and video feeds over SDH/SONET, PSN/packet optical and cellular networks.
Water Utility Communications
Cyber-secure SCADA connectivity for water monitoring and automation devices, sensors, pumps, surface and groundwater availability tracking devices, etc.
Multiservice Operational Network for Trains and Metros
Network reliability for mission-critical railway applications, including automatic train supervision (ATS), centralized traffic control (CTC), SCADA, and multiparty hotlines, as well as passenger information systems (PIS).
Multiservice Operational Network for Air-Traffic Control
Deliver direct speech (DS), Telex (TTY), radar data (RD), extended range VHF (ER), and VHF data link (VDL) traffic, together with other voice, fax and LAN services, over any SDH/SONET/PSN/OTN/DWDM.
Airport Communications
Support all data, voice and video traffic within airports, including on-the-move communications for vehicles and vessels in airports and harbors.
Multiservice Operational Network for Police and Military
Deliver Ethernet, TDM and low speed data over existing SDH/SONET and/or PSN

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