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Evolve Any Service over Any Network

Migrate to NFV/SDN edge virtualization today with RAD’s Service Assured Access solutions





Backhaul and performance assurance, accurate timing synchronization for LTE/LTE-A and small cell expansion, 5G-ready.

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Controlled, low-risk transition to vCPE/SDN, service assurance for Carrier Ethernet and IP VPNs, seamless migration to NGN.

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Deep visibility, seamless hand-off for carrier customers.

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White Papers

  • Boosting White Box Performance
  • EANTC’s MPLS + SDN + NFV World Congress Public Multi-Vendor Interoperability Test 2017
  • Commercializing NFV: vCPE as a first step
  • vCPE Market Outlook
  • RAD-Juniper Networks Joint Cloud Solution
  • Anti-Jam Protection for LTE/LTE-A and 5G Networks
  • RAD-HPE vCPE Solution Testing
  • RAD’s vCPE Solution Brief at Intel’s Network Builders
  • Best Practices for vCPE Deployment
  • Distributed Network Functions Virtualization
  • Time Distribution Strategies in Cellular Networks
  • Timing over Packet Demarcation
  • Application Guide: Managing the Carrier Ethernet Service Lifecycle
  • Ethernet OAM Standards


  • 5G – A Glimpse Into the Future
  • 5G Timing
  • QoS for Rich Communications Services
  • Carrier-Grade vCPE: Making It Real
  • Virtual CPE Reality
  • Whitebox+ for vCPE Business Services
  • The evolving CPE
  • Accelerating LTE/LTE-A Deployments
  • Best Practices for vCPE Deployment
  • TWAMP Explained
  • Carrier Ethernet H.QoS


  • LTE/LTE-A Synchronization and Backhaul Assurance
  • Commercializing NFV – is vCPE the First Step?
  • vCPE One, Two, Launch: Facilitating Practical NFV Deployment

Application Briefs

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